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Payment Methods


Cash On delivery: Pay at your doorstep.

Pay By card: Pay your order full amount with a secured payment.

valU Offer instalments from 3 months up to 60 months for valU users to register visit

Sympl: Offer 0% interest instalments can be paid from 3 to 5 payments 

the payments can be paid weekly-Bi weekly-Monthly 

Note: Customer can use debit or credit card for this transaction. 


Premium Card: 0% Interest instalments over 10 Months for premium card holders.


Bank Instalments: UP to 12 Months 0% Interest with CIB, NBE, Bank Misr, Mashreq & NBK.


Mobile wallets: Pay your order full amount through your mobile wallet.


Forsa Offer instalments from 6 months up to 61 months.