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Wooden Buffet 4146

Wooden Buffet 4146Material: Rubber Wood ( Natural Wood )Warranty: 3 YearsMade in MalaysiaFree Delivery Inside Cairo & Giza Dimensions:Width: 165 cmHeight: 200 cmDepth: 45 cm..


Buffet - 2 colors S-BUFT001

Buffet - 2 colors S-BUFT001Buffet - 2 colors White and YellowDimensions: 75X50X160..


Open Buffet - 2 Colors S-BUFT002 -10%

Open Buffet - 2 Colors S-BUFT002

Open Buffet - 2 Colors S-BUFT002wooden layer natural wood rustic - Animated unity hastily brakesDimensions: 70X40X175..

3,250EGP 2,938EGP

Colored Buffet S-BUFT004 -13%

Colored Buffet S-BUFT004

Colored Buffet S-BUFT004Colored Buffet 4 Drawers & 1 stable Door & 1 Movable DoorDimensions: 75X40X120Material: MDF Laminate ..

3,463EGP 3,010EGP

Wooden Buffet M022 New -25%

Wooden Buffet M022

Wooden Buffet M022Material: Romanian MDF  Wood ( with a layer of HBL Formica )Warranty: 1 YearDimensions: Width: 120 cmHeight: 90 cmDepth: 40 cm ..

4,133EGP 3,100EGP

Buffet 3 Shutter S-BUFT003

Buffet 3 Shutter S-BUFT003MDF Wood with a layer of Doco Based on A natural Wood Legs Dimensions: 90X50X120..


Buffet Light BUFT015 New -25%

Buffet Light BUFT015

Buffet Light BUFT015Movable Colored shutter Material : MDF LaminateLegs natural woodDimensions : 120X40X63 cm..

2,506EGP 1,880EGP

Modern Colored Buffet BUFT006

Modern Colored Buffet  BUFT006Modern Colored Buffet 2 Drawers & 3 DoorsDimensions: 90X40X120Colors: Grey X Navy Blue & the Color of the open part Lime Material: MDF Laminate ..


Modern Buffet BUFT008

Modern Buffet BUFT008Modern Buffet 4 Drawers & 1 Door Stand on Natural Wood Legs Dimensions: 64X40X200Material: MDF Laminate ..


Modern Ultra Buffet BUFT014 New -25%

Modern Ultra Buffet BUFT014

Modern Ultra Buffet BUFT014Buffet with 4 shutter Material : MDF Laminate Color : white Thickness of legs 25 mm Dimensions : 120X30X140 cm  ..

3,509EGP 2,632EGP

Modern Buffet BUFT005 -12%

Modern Buffet BUFT005

Modern Buffet BUFT005Modern Buffet with 2 Doors & 2 Drawers MDF Wood with a layer of Doco The Legs and Handles are made of Natural WoodDimensions: 151X33X106..

2,600EGP 2,300EGP

Open Modern Buffet BUFT010

Open Modern Buffet BUFT010Open Modern Colored Buffet with 3 Open Drawers & 3 DoorsDimensions: 80X30X150 cmMaterial: MDF Laminate ..